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Configure and Enable the Exchange Online Connector

Role Required
To Edit Connector Details you need to be assigned to the Application Administrator role in Records365.
Records Managers have read-only access to the Connector Details page.

  1. Click on the Settings icon connectors-settings-cog.png in in the top right hand corner of Records365.
  2. Click on the Exchange tile in the Connectors page.
  3. In the Add Managed Mailboxes section, enter those email addresses which you wish to have managed by Records365.
    1. Note: Office365 group mailboxes and public folders are currently not supported. Only shared mailboxes can be monitored in addition to normal user mailboxes.
    2. Note: You can currently only manage up to 500 mailboxes
  4. Select the Aggregation Level:
    1. Mailbox – To use the managed mailbox as containers for your records, or
    2. Top Most Folder – To use the top-most Folder for an email as the containers for your records, or
    3. Lowest Level Folder – To use the immediate parent folder for an email as the containers for your records.

The aggregation level should be selected in consultation with the Records Management function of your organization. Once the aggregation level is set and the Connector is Enabled for the first time, it cannot be modified.

  1. The Emails To Submit section allows the connector to be configured such that the connector can process emails that were sent or received prior to enabling the connector. The selected period is used in conjunction with the connector modification date to determine which previously sent and or received emails to process. The Set Filters feature outlined below will also apply to these items. This setting can be changed after the connector has been enabled.
  2. Filters can be optionally set such that specific inclusion or exclusion criteria can be defined for the connector. Filtering criteria defines what content what content is ingested by Records365 within the mailboxes in the Add Managed Mailboxes section. To see more on filtering and some common scenarios please see Filtering.
    1. Note: Having no filters configured means that the connector will ingest all inbound and outbound (received and sent) emails.
  3. Once all the settings have been updated click on Save.

Connectors are Disabled by default. This means no content will be submitted from the connector until the connector is Enabled. Before enabling a Connector, ensure that all rules have been set up first otherwise your records will be uncategorized. To complete the rules setup refer to Rules.

  1. Once you have enabled your connector, your emails will begin to be managed by Records365.


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