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Staying in control

Role Required
To Edit Connector Details you need to be assigned to the Application Administrator role in Records365.
Records Managers have read-only access to the Connector Details page.

With the information worker on average receiving and sending 120+ emails per day it leads to a large volume of content passing through a managed mailbox. We recognize that not all of that content has a high risk profile and is not actually required to be managed by Records365.

The Exchange Online connector has built-in capabilities to allow particular content in a managed mailbox to be included or excluded from management. Defining the rules of which content the connector should or should not manage is performed in the Set Filters section for the connector. Having no filters configured means that the connector will ingest all inbound and outbound (received and sent) emails.

Things to consider when defining Filters:

  • The exclusion filters take precedence over the inclusion filters
  • The logical AND operator has a higher order of precedence than OR no matter the order displayed in the connector configuration page
  • Filters apply across all of the managed mailboxes
  • No filters means all inbound and outbound emails will be managed by Records365.
  • By default both Sent and Received emails are managed by Records365.

Applying Filters

Filtering is applied at the connector level, so edit an existing Exchange connector instance:

  1. Click on the Settings icon connectors-settings-cog.png in the top right hand corner of Records365.
  2. Select the Exchange connector tile for the instance in question
  3. See the Set Filters section

For more details on configuring an Exchange Online connector please see Administration – Exchange Online.

Common Filtering Scenarios

Scenario #1

A company has a number of shared mailboxes whereby external contact can be made with the organization from a social, product, feedback and even complaints perspective. The company wants to manage the risk of all email correspondence for responses to these external interactions.

The Exchange Online connector can be configured such that only shared mailboxes are managed, see Administration – Exchange Online for more on how to define the managed mailboxes. Then using the Set Filters section to define that only externally sent emails are managed by Records365.



Scenario #2

A company has a case management system and have replicated the hierarchy of that system into Exchange as set of nested folders so that all case related emails are captured with their relative metadata. All other emails are not of value to the organization and should therefore be ignored.

For such an organization to use the Exchange Online connector to meet their needs the filters would be set up accordingly.



Scenario #3

A company has the following policies in place:

  • Emails in a users Inbox may not have business value, but once moved to another folder then value is realized
  • All personal emails are to be moved to the Private folder.
  • Security markers are included in the subject for every email. [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED] signalling a low risk email.

The following filters would result in Records365 managing the emails that respect the companies email policies.


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