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The Records365 SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and SharePoint On-Premises connectors aim to support as much of your content as possible. However, by design, there are some restrictions as to the types of content Records365 will ingest to avoid managing unnecessary information that does not reflect real-world business value to your organization.

Included Content

Please note that this section lists the common types of content SUPPORTED by Records365. This information should be considered in conjunction with the Excluded Content section to fully understand what types of content will be ingested by Records365.

Supported Site Collection Types

Currently, Records365 supports the following SharePoint Online site collection types:

For a list of site collections NOT supported please see the Excluded Content section.

Supported Content Types

We explicitly support and test the following content types:

Record Types

  • Basic Page
  • Document
  • Document Set
  • Dublin Core Columns
  • Form
  • Image
  • JavaScript Display Template
  • Link
  • Link to a Document
  • List Item
  • List View Style
  • Master Page
  • Master Page Preview
  • Picture
  • Recording
  • Rich Media Asset
  • Video
  • Video Rendition

Please note, OneNote files have the Content Type of Folder in SharePoint Online and therefore are not managed by the connector.

Aggregation Types

  • Site Collections
  • Lists
  • Libraries
  • Folders
  • Document Sets

Excluded Content

Please note that this section lists the common types of content NOT SUPPORTED by Records365. The list of supported types of content can be found in the Included Content section.


Excluded Site Collection Types

Currently, Records365 strictly filters out any content from the following site collections type in SharePoint Online:

Excluded List / Library Types

The following List and Library templates and any lists or libraries that inherit from these templates are not supported and strictly filtered out:

Name BaseType Template Id
Access App DocumentLibrary 3100
Discussion Board GenericList 108
External List GenericList 600
Links GenericList 103
Survey Survey 102
Microfeed GenericList 544
Social GenericList 550

In addition, any content in the lists below are not supported and are strictly filtered out:

Description Condition Examples
Any content in hidden lists If the “Hidden” property of the list is true Master Page Gallery
Composed Looks
User Information List
Any content in a catalog list If the “IsCatalog” property of the list is true Master Page Gallery
Maintenance Log Library
List Template Gallery
Converted Forms
Solution Gallery
Style Library
Theme Gallery
Web Part Gallery
Any content in a site asset library If the “IsSiteAssetsLibrary” property of the list is true Site Assets

Excluded Content Types

The following Content Types and any custom content types inheriting from these base types are not supported and strictly filtered out:

Name Content Type ID
Web Part Page 0x01010901
Web Part Page with Status List 0x010100A2E3C117A0C5482FAEE3D57C48CB042F
Message 0x0107
Workflow Task (SharePoint 2013) 0x0108003365C4474CAE8C42BCE396314E88E51F
Discussion 0x012002
Site Membership 0x010027FC2137D8DE4B00A40E14346D070D52
Community Member 0x010027FC2137D8DE4B00A40E14346D070D5201
(anything not a list item) 0x00


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