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Role Required
To Create Loan Requests and Manage Loans you need to be assigned to the Application Administrator or the Records Manager role. Alternatively, Record Visitors can be given the permission to Create Loan Requests and Manage Loans through the use of Security Profiles. For more information on security profiles and permissions, see Security Profiles .


An important part of managing Physical Records is keeping track of where your physical assets are stored, and how they move around your organization.

Records365’s Loans functionality supports:

  • Users making Loan Requests for physical items stored in another location.
  • Records Managers approving and rejecting Loan Requests, notifying other users (for example warehouse or archive staff) of approved Requests, and checking out and returning Requests. For details on these operations, see Manage Loan Requests.

Creating a new Loan Request

Loan Requests can include multiple record types, from Records, Folders and Parts to Boxes. Creating a new Loan Request can be performed from the Browse or Advanced Search pages. Items that have been disposed cannot be requested.

To create a new Loan Request:

  1. Navigate to the Browse or Advanced Search page.
  2. Select one or more Physical item (if any Electronic items are selected, the Request button will not be available).
  3. Click the Request button.
  4. Fill out the appropriate information describing the Loan Request. The Location, Requested By and Requested Date are all mandatory fields. A Loan can be requested on behalf of another recipient by filling in the ‘On Behalf of’ field.
  5. Click ‘Save’

The following rules apply to new requests:

  • An item can be requested for loan even it has been previously requested.
  • An item can be requested for loan even it is currently out on loan.
  • An item cannot be requested if it has been disposed.

Once the Loan Request has been created, it can be tracked and managed from the Loans page.

Viewing all Loan Requests

All of the items that have been requested for loan, are out on loan or have completed a loan process can viewed and managed on the Loans page.

Loan requests go through a series of states before completion. They are:

  • Pending – A new request has been created.
  • Rejected – A Records Manager has Rejected the Loan Request.
  • Approved – A Records Manager has Approved the Loan Request and items are ready to be sent to the recipient.
  • On Loan – The items in the Loan Request have been sent to the recipient.
  • Completed – The items in the Loan Request have been returned and the next Loan Request for the same item can now be sent out.

To learn how to manage the process above and move Loan Requests through the different stages, see 

Manage Loan Requests.

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