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Access to the Classification Intelligence machine learning module may require an additional subscription, depending on your current licensing model. If you wish to obtain access to the Classification Intelligence, kindly contact your RecordPoint Account Manager.

Role required
To manage the Auto-Apply feature you need to be assigned to either the Application Administrator or Records Manager role in Records365.


Once you have successfully completed a training run in Records365, you will be able to view the record categories that Records365 has been trained on. The Classification Skill value for each record category is displayed and represents Records365’s ability to correctly identify content of that category. With this information in hand, you will be able to determine which record categories are suitable for automatically applying suggestions.

Managing auto-apply

You can turn auto-apply ON/OFF for one or more record categories by performing the following steps:

  1. In the left-hand navigation menu, click on the Intelligence section and select Active
  2. Select the record categories that you want to turn Auto Apply on or off for by clicking the checkbox next to the record category nameCI_Training_Active-Page.png
  3. Click the Auto Apply button.
  4. In the popup, select ON or OFFCI_Training_Auto-Apply-popup.png
  5. Define a Threshold for the Auto Apply to automatically apply to the record. The Threshold is the confidence that each record that is categorized with Classification Intelligence is assigned with to indicate the confidence of Classification Intelligence's suggested record category. 
  6. Click Apply

Please consider the following when using Auto Apply:

  • When a record category is suggested for newly discovered content or updates to existing content then it will be automatically applied to the record if Auto Apply is turned on for the suggested record category
  • When a suggested category is automatically applied to a record, it will no longer appear on the Manage tab of the Intelligence page.

Managing auto-applied records

There are new fields available for records that have been automatically classified by Records365 Classification Intelligence. These new fields are shown on the record details page when drilling down into individual records.

  • Classification Type: Will be set to “Automatically Classified” when a suggestion has been automatically applied
  • Prediction Probability: Shows a probability indicator for the suggestion made by the Classification Intelligence engine
  • Model ID: Shows the identifier of the model that made the suggestion

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