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The Browse page is designed as a quick window to see your records under management in Records365. It provides a simple filter option and easy access to all Records, Record Folders, and all Uncategorized Records.


When browsing Records in the Browse or Search pages, you can see more details about a Record by either:

  1. Clicking on the row of the Record to show a quick summary of key information about the record.


  1. Clicking on the Title of the Record to go to the Details page, where you can find the complete Record metadata and Audit history.

The tabs at the top of the Browse view are straightforward:

  • All shows all Records and Record Folders.
  • Records shows all Records only.
  • Record Folders shows all Record Folders only.
  • Uncategorized (Unclassified) shows all Records and Record Folders that have not been categorized according to your organization’s File Plan.

If there are large numbers of results under the Uncategorized tab, we recommend that you:


Use the Filter at the top right hand side of the Browse page to filter Records as follows:

  • Records are filtered by Title, Record Number and Author.
  • Record Folders are filtered by Title and Record Number only.

The Filter in the Browse page uses a Contains search operator. For more detailed queries, see the Search topic.

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