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For regulated organizations, Classification Intelligence solves the complexity of managing unstructured information in the ever-growing suite of cloud enterprise tools that power today’s modern workforce. Unlike traditional record management solutions that rely on metadata or manual intervention to classify content and therefore manage risk, Classification Intelligence uses machine learning techniques to make decisions that take into account the content and context of the information flowing through modern organizations.

Access to the Classification Intelligence machine learning module may require an additional subscription, depending on your current licensing model. If you wish to obtain access to the Classification Intelligence, kindly contact your RecordPoint Account Manager.

Our Supervised Learning Approach

Records365 uses a supervised machine learning approach to provide classification suggestions on records. Advanced natural language processing techniques are used to extract numerical signals from the content of files managed by Records365. These signals are then used to build a model that predicts the classification of a record. A prediction is based on the probability that a record matches a particular classification of records that the model has been trained on.


Classification Intelligence is best used in conjunction with the existing Rules Engine. Use the Rules Engine to make classification decision on records where metadata is available and provides enough context. Let Classification Intelligence take over when there is no metadata to make decisions on.

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