Managing Suggestions

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Access to the Classification Intelligence machine learning module may require an additional subscription, depending on your current licensing model. If you wish to obtain access to the Classification Intelligence, kindly contact your RecordPoint Account Manager.

Role required
To accept a suggestion you need to be assigned to either the Application Administrator or Records Manager role in Records365.


Once Records365 has generated a machine learning model as part of the Training process it will begin suggesting record categories (business classifications) for new content it discovers.

Suggestions are only made for content that does not match any metadata based rules in the Rules Engine.

Managing Suggestions

  1. In the left-hand navigation menu, click on the Intelligence section and select Classification.
  2. You will be taken to the Manage tab to view suggestions made by Records365
  3. The Suggested Category column displays the recommended business classification based on your current machine learning model.
  4. The Prediction Probability column shows a probability indicator for the suggestion made by the Classification Intelligence engine.
  5. To accept a record category suggested by Records365, select the appropriate records and click Accept Suggested Category.
  6. Alternatively, to correct a suggestion, and apply a different category, select the appropriate records and click Reschedule.

Improving Your Predictions

The process of accepting or correcting suggestions made by Records365 acts as a continuous feedback loop. The next time a new training run is initiated these signals (i.e. accepting or correcting a suggestion) are baked into the next version of the model. This mechanism allows you to refine your model over time to get better and better suggestions.

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