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Parts (also known as volumes) are logical subdivisions of an existing Physical Folder. All of the content spanning the volumes or parts are typically related and thus aggregated under the same “master” folder. Creating a new part will therefore establish a relationship with the existing master folder. Parts are a form of Record Folder, and are visible in Search and Browse in the same way.

Creating a new part

  1. Navigate to the Browse page. Parts can be created from the All or Record Folders tabs, as well as from the Advanced Search page.
  2. Select an existing Physical Record Folder or Part. The new Part will be created based on the selected item – it will copy all of the properties from the selected item, so ensure the most relevant item is selected. If a Part is selected, the newly created Part will be related to the master folder of the selected part.
  1. Click on the Add Folder Part button, a slide out panel will be displayed such that all of the properties will be populated with values from selected existing physical record folder.
  2. Update any relevant metadata and click Save.
  3. The new part will be displayed in the All and Record Folders Browse tabs, with a different icon to a regular Record Folder.

Viewing all parts of a Folder

Parts or volumes are created as an extension to an existing Physical Record Folder. Parts must be attached to a ‘Master’ Record Folder, and it is easy to view all the parts of a Folder and navigate between them.

  1. Navigate to the details page of a Physical Folder that contains 1 or more parts.
  2. Once on the details page, linked items can be viewed from the Records tab. Parts of a Folder have the Relationship Type shown as ‘Part’ in the Records tab.

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