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Role Required
To Add Connector Details you need to be assigned to the Application Administrator role in Records365.
Records Managers have read-only access to the Connector Details page.
To Link your Exchange Online Account you need to be an Azure AD Global Administrator.


Exchange Online is a cloud-based email collaboration platform that can be managed by Records365. The following steps are used to connect Records365 to your Office 365 Exchange Online tenancy.

Add Connector

Premium Connector
The Exchange Online connector is a premium connector. You will only be able to see the Exchange Online connector in your connector gallery if you have purchased it.

  1. Click on the Settings icon in the top right hand corner of Records365.


  2. Click on +Add Connector
  3. Select the Exchange tile in the Connectors Gallery.


After creating the Exchange Online connector instance you will be redirected to the Connector Details page.

Authorizing the Connector

Now that the connector instance has been created, we need to complete the authorization process so that the connector can access your Exchange Online tenancy.

  1. Once you are in the Exchange Online Connector Details page, select Link Account to connect Records365 to your Exchange Online tenancy.


  1. You will be directed to a page where Microsoft will prompt you to log in. Enter credentials to log in, then click Accept.


Now that the connector has been authorized against your Exchange Online tenancy the remaining configuration can now be completed, further information on those steps can be found here Administration – Exchange Online. Decisions about how records are managed by the connector should be performed in consultation with the Records Management function of your organization.

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