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With the exponential growth of information created every day, managing the increasing volume of content in place forever is impractical. At a certain time, the information living in content repositories will decline in value, and modifications to it will cease. It is at this point you may wish to remove it from its original location and allow Records365 to manage the content alongside its corresponding record. By leveraging content protection in Records365, you can reduce the maintenance of the high value content sources while ensuring access to the information is not compromised. Upon removal from the content source, the content can be accessed via Records365 for the remainder of its lifecycle.


How it works

The content relating to records in Records365 is submitted and stored through the same connector framework that manages the metadata. As the record evolves over time so does the content, however whilst the content remains in the originating content source, then it should be referred to as the source of truth. Once the content has been removed from the content source, and the connector has submitted the latest version, it will then be available for download from Records365. Records365 maintains the final content version, until the time at which the record is destroyed according to its applied retention schedule.

Changes to content in the source repository are captured in a timely fashion by Records365. There is some latency for changes to the source content being available within Records365. Records365 is designed to ensure that the repositories are eventually consistent, with no interaction required by the user.

All the content managed by Records365 is encrypted in transit and at rest. For more information on encryption please refer to the information found on the Trust Portal here.

Viewing Content

To view the Content for a record, click on the Binaries tab when viewing the Record Details page.


To view the content, click the DownloadIcon-1.png icon found in the Download column for the required content. The download button may be disabled for the following reasons;

  • You do not have sufficient permissions.
  • The binary has been cleared as part of the Classification Intelligence Content Sampling feature. See here for more information.

Searching for Content

The content for records transitions through various states over the lifetime of a record. The states are as follows;

  • Disposed
    • The record has been disposed and its associated content has been destroyed.
  • Not Submitted
    • The content has not been submitted to Records365.  This may occur when
      • Content protection has been disabled for the related connector 
      • The binary is larger than 500mb in size
      • The binary is of a type not supported by the associated connector
        • For example SPO custom list items without attachments
  • Cleared
    • As part of the Classification Intelligence Content Sampling feature content will be cleared when it is no longer required. See here for more information.
  • Retained
    • This is the default state when all of the above states are not satisfied.
    • When the Classification Intelligence Content Sampling feature has been enabled there are certain scenarios where content will be retained such that you can leverage the capabilities of Classification Intelligence. See here for more information.


To search for records based on the state of its content, use the BinaryStateID field available in the Advanced Search page


Using the Export capabilities of Records365 you can gain further insight into the state of content within your tenancy. Refer to the documentation on Exports for more information.

Things to consider:

  • Records365 is not a content management platform, so whilst the content remains in the content source refer to the content in that repository.
  • Only the latest version of the content is managed by Records365, previous versions are not available for viewing from within Records365.
  • Due to many factors like network throughput and latency, the maximum size for content to be managed by Records365 is 500mb.
  • Records365 operates on the premise of eventual consistency ensuring that in a timely fashion the content is captured but not to the detriment of the operating source system.
  • The Binaries tab for a record cannot be viewed by Record Visitors.

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