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Role Required To Create and Manage Physical Profiles you need to be assigned to the Application Administrator or the Records Manager role.

For each type of Physical Record (Record, File and Box), at least one Profile is required before users can create Records.


Physical Profiles are the building blocks for your Physical Records. Use Profiles to enforce standards for the metadata available for Physical Records entry and which metadata Fields are required.

Creating and Editing a Profile

  1. Click on the Settings icon connectors-settings-cog-1.png  in the top right hand corner of Records365.
  2. Under Physical, click on Profiles in the left hand navigation pane.
  3. Click the New Profile button, or click the checkbox to select a Profile from the grid and then click Edit.
  1. The Profile pane will open.
    1. The Title field is required. This will be displayed to users when creating a Physical Record of the relevant type.
    2. The Description field is optional. This is displayed to Records Managers when working with Profiles.
    3. The Applies To checkboxes denote which types of Physical Records this Profile will be available for.
  1. Begin adding Fields to the Profile as required to capture the metadata that your records require. New fields can be created, or existing selected within the context of the profile by clicking +Add Field  physical-profile-add3.png

    See Manage Profile Fields for more detail on managing fields. 

  2. To make a Field mandatory for this profile, select ‘Yes’ using the radio button. When adding a new mandatory Field to an existing profile, users will have to enter a value into the field the next time they try to Edit the record.
  3. To reorder the Profile Fields, click and drag the physical-profile-icon2.png icon to change the order of the list. This will affect the order that fields are displayed in when users are creating or editing Records with this Profile.
  4. To remove a Field from a Profile, click the physical-profile-icon1.png icon next to that field. A Profile Field can be removed even when there is metadata already stored in that field for some records.
  1. Click ‘Save’. Your Profile is now ready to be used to create Physical Records!

Viewing the Physical Profile Details

To view the details of your physical profile, click on the desired profile from the list. From the Details page, you can quickly retrieve information, such as:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Last Modified Date
  • Applies To: records, folders and boxes)
  • Security Trimming: status
  • Profile Fields: details of the fields applied to the selected profile.

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