Scanning Operations

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Role Required
To Perform Scanning Operations you need to be assigned to the Application Administrator or the Records Manager role. Alternatively, Record Visitors can be given the permission to Perform Scanning Operations through the use of Security Profiles. For more information on security profiles and permissions, see Security Profiles .


There are two methods supported by Records365 to scan barcodes & perform Records Management activities: using a mobile device, and using a barcode scanner.

Mobile Scanning

To use a mobile phone to scan barcodes, login to Records365 from your mobile web browser. Records365 supports Google Chrome on Android operating systems and Safari on iOS. More browsers should work fine, but we cannot guarantee their functionality.

Once logged in from your mobile device, click on the Menu icon and tap ‘Scanning’ from the Navigation menu under ‘Physical’. Your browser will request permission to access your device’s camera in order to scan barcodes.

Select the barcode format you are scanning, then hold your device camera up to the barcode or QR code of the item you are scanning, and it will automatically fill in the barcode value and add the item to the list below the camera area. You can continue to scan more items and add them to the list.

Once you have finished scanning the set of items, you can perform operations on the items from the Scanning page using the buttons above the items list.


The operations available are:

  • Bulk Edit: Edit field values on the records selected. If the records are attached to different profiles, only the common fields will be available for editing.
  • Checkout: If all the scanned items belong to an Approved Loan Request, check them out to be sent to the recipient of the Loan. For more details about checking out items, see Loans .
  • Return: When a Loan Request has been completed, Return the items to their original location and make the items available for a new Checkout.

Barcode Scanners

When using a handheld barcode scanner, many models provide the ability to upload a file of the scanned barcode values to a PC, often via USB. Records365 accepts a list of values in .txt format, with each barcode value on a new line. To upload a file with a list of items, click on the Import button. The same actions are available: Bulk Edit, Checkout and Return.

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