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Role Required
To Create Physical Records and Perform Scanning Operations you need to be assigned to the Application Administrator or the Records Manager role. Alternatively, Record Visitors can be given the permission to Create Physical Records and Perform Scanning Operations through the use of Security Profiles. For more information on security profiles and permissions, see Security Profiles.


By default Records365 generates Barcodes for every new Physical Record created in the system. Records365 can also leverage barcodes that have been issued from an external system.


Barcode Types

There are currently 3 supported barcode standards in Records365:

  • QR Code
  • Code 39 (also known as Code 3 of 9)
  • Code 128B

The type of barcodes that will be generated for your Physical Records is set for your tenant on initial registration. In a future release, we will support updating the Barcode Type for your organization on the fly.

To generate and print labels for your Physical Records, see Label Export. Once your labels are set up, see Scanning Operations to learn how to easily perform Records Management activities using a barcode scanner or a mobile device.

External Barcodes

Records365 provides a barcode generation service for physical assets that are under management, however in some scenarios barcodes can be generated by third party applications. Records365 can be configured such that external barcode values can be entered for physical assets, either at the initial creation stage of the asset or later in an Edit context. The rendering of the barcode will be consistent with the barcode type that has been configured for a tenant. When Records365 is configured to leverage external barcodes and a barcode value is not entered for an item, then Records365 will automatically generate one.


Things to consider when using external barcodes:

  • Currently Records365 only supports external barcode values with a length up to 256 characters.
  • External barcode support is not enabled by default. If you are an existing customer and would like to enable external barcodes in your tenancy please contact our Support team via
  • A external barcode value can be reused across multiple items. However, this is not recommended as additional user intervention will be required for scanning operations.

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