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To configure your disposal settings you need to be assigned either the Application Administrator or Record Manager role in Records365.
This section only applies when the aggregation level disposal feature has been enabled for your tenant. For more information on this feature please refer to the Aggregation Based  section in the documentation.


We recognize that the content of your organization is specific to you, and so it is important that the metadata of your content can be leveraged throughout the disposal management process.

The disposal experience can be tailored to your organization, making it easy for your record managers to make the right decisions. The disposal area in Records365 displays those records, record folders or boxes that have reached the end of their retention period. These views empower record managers to quickly identify and triage records through their disposal lifecycle. Context is critical when making decisions about whether to dispose larger volumes of records. Therefore, we provide you with the ability to customize the metadata displayed so you can quickly and easily search and filter through records that are eligible for disposal.

Disposal configuration

Please ensure you have followed the steps below to configure aggregation level disposal for your organization. You can return to the disposal configuration later to make further changes.

  1. Click on the Settings icon connectors-settings-cog-1.png in the top right hand corner of Records365.
  2. Click on Configuration in the left hand navigation pane and then General. Once clicked the settings will be as below.


  1. Navigate to the Disposal section and enable Record Folder or Box level disposals or both by sliding the toggle to the on (green) position.
    • Note: Record Folder and Box configuration are available
  2. You can now choose the fields that you would like to see and filter by throughout the disposal process by clicking the +Add New Field button.
    • Note: A maximum of 10 fields can be selected.
  1. The selected fields will be displayed in the order they are listed in here. To reorder the list of fields, use the physical-profile-icon2.png  button to drag fields up and down.
  2. If you wish to remove a field use the  physical-profile-icon1.png  button.
  3. When more than one record type has been enabled for disposal, use the Set as default view to set which type of record is displayed by default throughout the Disposal process.
  4. Once you have finished configuring your desired fields, click the Save button. Records365 will take a moment to get your disposal data ready so that you can start disposing aggregations. This process may take up to 24 hours. Please see Aggregation Based for more information.

If you are not sure about which fields to select below are some commonly used fields;

  • Title
  • ItemNumber – also known as Record Number
  • Author
  • Location – A link to the content in its original content system
  • SiteName – SharePoint Online connector specific
  • LibraryName – SharePoint Online connector specific
  • ProfileName – Physical Records module specific

Next Steps

Now that you have completed the configuration, check out the documentation on performing aggregation level disposal here.

Things to consider

  • A minimum of 1 field is required to be selected.
  • There is a maximum of 10 fields available for selection.
  • The ordering of fields will be respected when viewing aggregations within the disposal pages
  • Further changes to this configuration can be made over time.
  • Changes to the configuration will not be reflected instantly throughout the disposal pages of Records365, and may take up to 24 hours.

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