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The Records365 SharePoint connector provides a toolset for you to configure the connector to meet your business needs.

In previous versions, the only way to manage the connector configuration was via the connector configuration GUI. This required you to manually launch the configuration GUI anytime a configuration change needed to take place.

From version <> onwards, you can configure the connector using code.

Please ensure you have, at minimum, <> version of the SharePoint connector installed. It can be downloaded from the connector gallery from within Records365. For more information refer to the following article Download and Install SharePoint Connector .


Many organizations have strict security policies around password management that requires passwords to be rotated on a regular basis.

SharePoint farm credentials are required by the Records365 SharePoint connector in order to connect to SharePoint and provide compliance. In scenarios where these credentials are rotated in an automated fashion and on a regular basis, administrators often want to avoid having to manually synchronize new credentials to dependant applications such as the Records365 SharePoint connector.

Using code you can now set or update the SharePoint farm credentials used by the Records365 SharePoint connector. In combination with a scheduling framework you can easily coordinate credential rotation in-line with your organization’s password management policy. As a result, the SharePoint connector is always connected to your SharePoint farm, ensuring it is managing the latest content changes and keeping your organization compliant.

Credential Storage
All credentials are encrypted at rest using industry best practice encryption standards and techniques.

Example Console Usage: Updating SharePoint Farm Password

  1. Log on to the server that is running the SharePoint connector, as articulated in the Architecture diagram.
  2. Using the console (launched using the “Run As Administrator” directive) navigate to the install location of the SharePoint connector, typically this is \Program Files\RecordPointSharePointConnector
  3. Enter the following command SharePointConnector.Configurator.exe -n --setsppassword=<insert password here>
    • -n indicates silent mode
    • --setsppassword accepts the value in plain text, the SharePoint connector will encrypt the value at rest.

As part of calling the above command the relevant windows services will be restarted automatically, as the credentials changes require a service restart.

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