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Role required
To Reschedule Records you need to be assigned to the Application Administrator or the Records Manager role. Alternatively, Record Visitors can be given the permission to Reschedule Records through the use of Security Profiles. For more information on security profiles and permissions, see Security Profiles.


The reschedule capability allows users to manually classify records and override the classification applied by the Rules or Classification Intelligence. When a different Record Category is selected the new retention schedule takes affect.

Users can reschedule Records from Advanced Search, Browse and Disposal.

Reschedule Records

  1. In the navigation menu, select Advanced Search, Browse or Disposal.
  2. Select one or more records to be rescheduled and then click Reschedule.
  1. In the slidebar click the Record Category dropdown and select a Record Category from the list.
  1. Click Reschedule.

Please note that bulk changes might take some time to take affect.

Known Limitations

  • Reschedule is not currently suppported for Electronic Folders
  • The reschedule button doesn’t allow Physical Folders and Boxes to be rescheduled but you can do it by editing directly a Physical Folder or Box
  • If a new version of the record is submitted through the rules, the manual classification is overwritten

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