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FileConnect Enterprise empowers you to perform in-place management of large volumes of data, records and content located on network file shares.

FileConnect Enterprise is an on-premise agent that runs on a Windows or Linux host within your corporate network. The agent has been specifically designed to eliminate network configuration changes of any on-premises firewalls. As a result, the host that runs the FileConnect Enterprise agent only requires outbound internet connectivity in order to communicate with the Records365 service.

All communication back to Records365 is encrypted.

The Records365 FileConnect Enterprise is a premium connector and requires an additional subscription. If you believe your organization is subscribed, or would like to inquire about subscribing, please Contact Support.



Operating System Requirements

FileConnect Enterprise is a containerized application that is run within Docker, a set of platform as a service products that use OS-level virtualization to deliver software in packages called containers.

The following operating system are supported for the deployment of Docker.

  • Linux (Centos or Ubuntu)
  • Windows (Windows 10) (Limitations apply for AWS please discuss with your RecordPoint Consultant)

Please see Get Docker | Docker Documentation for further information on the environments available.

Network Requirements

There must be connectivity between the FileConnect Enterprise agent and the following:

  • Network shares hosting content to be managed
  • Virtual Machine hosting Power BI Desktop 
  • Virtual Machine hosting your internet browser

The host machine must also have Internet access to pull the required Docker images.

Permission Requirements

As part of the deployment of the FileConnect Enterprise Agent, the following Account Permissions are required:

  • Installation/Configuration Account
    • Local Administrator account on host machine
    • Able to install required PowerShell Modules
    • Able to map network file shares
    • Azure Global Administration permissions (app registration, certificate/client secret creation)
    • Application Administration Permissions
  • Service Account
    • Local Administrator on the host machine
    • Modify permissions to file shares for management
  • Analysis Account
    • Access to Power BI desktop and Swagger Interface 

Hardware Specifications

The following are the minimal specifications required for running the FileConnect Enterprise Agent:

  • Number of Cores: 8
  • RAM: 32 GB
  • Disk Space: >200 GB per TB of data (approximately 20% of the target source data size)

Software and Other

External Site Access

To support the operation of the FileConnect Enterprise agent, access to the following services are required: 

Elasticsearch and Redis images (Docker Hub)

Azure Container Registry (RecordPoint)

Application Insights

For further detail please see Microsoft Azure Monitor Documentation.

Launch Darkly


Records365 APIs

Azure Services

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A step by step deployment guide will be provided by RecordPoint support or your Technical Consultant for your Windows or Linux deployment.


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