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Configure FileConnect Enterprise

Role Required
To Edit Connector Details you need to be assigned to the Application Administrator role in Records365.
Records Managers have read-only access to the Connector Details page.


The Records365 FileConnect Enterprise is a premium connector requires an additional subscription. If you believe your organization is subscribed, or would like to inquire about subscribing, please Contact Support.


Add the FileConnect Enterprise Connector in Records365

  1. Sign into Records365 as an Application Administrator
  2. Click on the Cog in the top right hand corner
  3. Click Add Connector
  4. Click on the FileConnect Enterprise tile
  5. Enter the Application Client ID  from the Azure AD App Registration as provided by your Technical Consultant into the Client ID fieldFCEv2_config.png
  6. Click Download Settings to download the connector configuration file for FileConnect Enterprise
  7. Click Server Component Installer for Windows or Linux to download the script to set up FileConnect Enterprise on the host agent
  8. Choose the Aggregation Level in Set Aggregation Level
  9. Click Save then Enable
To complete the configuration of the host agent, please refer to the step by step deployment guide provided by RecordPoint support or your Technical Consultant.

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