Feature Enhancement: Aggregation Based Freeze Management

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Feature Enhancement: Aggregation Based Freeze Management

With the latest release of Records365 we are excited to share that the freeze management capabilities have been extended to now include aggregations. This means that freezes\holds can be applied at the aggregation level for both electronic and physical assets.

Freezes and disposals work hand in hand, so now with freezes able to be applied at the aggregation level, you can perform disposals of aggregations that respect any that have a freeze applied.

Key Benefits of managing freezes by aggregation:

  • Reduced risk– assurance that no record for a business transaction will be missed
  • Improved efficiencies– millions of items can be applied to a freeze in just few simple clicks
  • Consistency– when executed at the aggregation level all related items will have a freeze applied in a uniform manner
  • Improved ease of use– aggregates of information provide your users with more business context, allowing for more confident decision making when managing freezes.

More information on freezes can be found here.

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