Feature Announcement: SharePoint Online Document Delete Event Metadata

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Feature Announcement – SharePoint Online Document Delete Event Metadata

The latest release of Records365 supports the capability to capture and report on deletion events performed within SharePoint Online. To achieve this, we have introduced two additional fields to the Records365 SharePoint Online record details, Deleted Date and Deleted By. The availability of this data allows you to easily search for content deleted across all of your SharePoint Online site collections, directly from within the Records365 Advanced Search function.

These fields may be incorporated into your reporting, or be used for other Records365 functions such as setting disposition events.

If your organization also uses additional custom SharePoint Online fields such as a Delete Reason, you will have the data to gain insight as to why a deletion occurred and determine the value of those associated records. Should it be determined that identified records have no value, we recommend utilitzing theNAP Delete capabilities to remove the records from Records365.

This combination of functionality may compliment and enhance your business processes, providing the insights into your data estate to assist in data minimization and ensure that valuable records are being managed.

If you would like to have this capability enabled in your tenant please contactsupport@recordpoint.com.

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