Feature Announcement: Bulk Resubmission of Records

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You can now perform a large-scale resubmission of records for re-evaluation, making it even easier to ensure your records are correctly classified.

This new feature can be used when a new version of Rules has been published or anew machine learning classification model has been trained, as it allows records to be re-evaluated against your new rules and/or classification models.

To bulk resubmit records, you need to conduct a relevant search using the advanced search functionality. Once you have created your advanced search, select a record and click resubmit. It’s at that point you are given the option to do a bulk resubmission of all the records that meet that search criteria.




The records you have chosen will then pass through the rules and classification engine again, saving you time and ensuring your record classification remains up-to-date and accurate.

Once the bulk resubmit operation is complete, the initiating user will receive an email confirmation.

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