Feature Enhancement: Enterprise Reporting & Analytics

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We’ve recently introduced improved reporting functionality designed to help you better recognize and manage data complexity and evaluate risk posture. You will see the new Enterprise Reporting functionality in the reporting section of the RecordPoint platform.

While we have improved some of the Business Intelligence reporting functionality, you can rest assured that any of the existing standard reports you have built remain unchanged.


Like the standard reporting, the new enterprise reporting gives you access to all metadate from all your source systems which you cansync to the BI platform of your choice such as PowerBI, Tableau, Qlik and many more.  

The new enterprise reporting has an out-of-the-box PowerBI online report dashboard and template available for you to start using today.

The best part is that with the updated Enterprise Reporting functionality, there is no more manual downloading of data to re-publish BI reports, and you can now seamlessly publish directly to PowerBI online.  



The Enterprise Reporting functionality allows you to explore large data setsandcombine different data sources touncover trends,patterns and areas of risk.

Learn more about how to use the new Enterprise Reporting functionality here.

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