Feature Enhancement: Physical Records Improvements

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We have released a number of physical records improvements which make it easier for you to manage your physical records in RecordPoint. These improvements give users the ability to:


View all physical profile fields from the administration section of your RecordPoint tenant. Fields can be accessed from the left-hand navigation. When a field is selected you can also add, edit and delete fields.



Set the values for a field that uses the ‘List of Values’ type by uploading a CSV file directly in the Fields user interface.



Edit a physical record, folder or box directly from the item details page.



In addition, we have also released the following physical records enhancements:

  • Ability to manage physical profile fields independent of a profile from within the user interface including create, edit and delete.
  • Values for physical fields respected when changing profiles during the editing of a physical record, folder or box.

To learn more about physical records management please visit the help documentation here.

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