Product Update: Additional fields now available in Enterprise Reporting

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The Enterprise Reporting feature of the platform offers exceptional flexibility, enabling you to seamlessly delve into your data and analyze it within the BI platform of your choice, whether it be Power BI, Tableau, or any other preferred BI tool. While RecordPoint provides pre-built Power BI dashboards, you also have the freedom to construct custom reports covering various facets of your business, presenting endless possibilities for reporting. With this in mind, we've bolstered our reporting infrastructure to synchronize even more data feeds and fields, ensuring a comprehensive reporting experience. These additions include:

  • Audits: Users have the capability to generate reports on individual audit events observed in RecordPoint for specific records, as well as in an aggregate. This can be particularly beneficial in the realm of cybersecurity, providing users with insights into the actions performed on records, both at a granular and comprehensive level. 
  • Retention Schedule Information: Within reports, users can now gain visibility into the retention schedule details of any category, inclusive of versions and the historical modifications made to retention schedules. This data can help facilitate a deeper understanding of retention schedules assigned to categories when viewing reports.  
  • Records Aggregation: Users now possess the ability to generate reports enabling them to navigate through a list of aggregations slated for disposal. This could be helpful when reviewing records before disposing of the aggregation, ensuring informed decision-making.

You can learn more about Enterprise Reporting and the available data feeds here.

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